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Get help with your Vancouver referencing with our free online tool.Despite the fact that today Collision Investigators are able to use devices such as Total Stations or Scanners, the main three steps are still being followed.

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This telescope offers a digital read out of the angles and it is more accurate and less exposed to faults.Driver is not able to concentrate on other vehicles travelling around and this surely.

Road traffic collisions and incidents often have more than one person to blame.

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The laser is being reflected off by any surface and returns back to the instrument, therefore the scanner saves thousands of points per second, which permits a gigantic amount of data to be collected in just a few moments.GilJae Yeo EAP1-A WW Cause-Effect Essay Car Accidents The world of today has a lot of accidents for many reasons, such as car accidents, fire accidents, or.

First of all it is very expensive to buy and use and in order to survey and map one scene such as road accident, it is better to do it with a regular product that provides almost the same results as the 3-D Laser Scanner.This section will look at the use of a surveying device called Total Station, in the examination of a road accident.

It is also seen that teens usually try to do some tricks while driving like riding bike on only one wheel or drifting cars, these acts also contribute a lot to road accidents.Because of the breaking pressure of 20mph the wheels collapsed and this accident was considered to be the first fatal ever recorded, even with the low collection of data (Lavender, 2001).

Review Article ROAD SAFETY AND ACCIDENT PREVENTION IN INDIA: A REVIEW Pawan Deshpande.Checking the rear mirrors for cyclists and motorcyclists is important, as is making one hundred percent sure that you are not driving into oncoming traffic.It is mainly completed from a high definition camera, a laser security system, a target projector, a laboratory calibration and a stand.

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People who are also bad at driving will pick the wrong lane, and this causes accidents.Sample IELTS traffic essay with exercises and a full lesson to help you write the essay.This is the case when we have some fun loving or casual teen travelling.The Fire Brigade is involved in the collision scene only if the injured persons are trapped in their vehicles in order to set them free from the debris of their vehicles, or if a fire breaks out from the big impact to put it out quickly for safety reasons and to prevent the evidence from being destroyed (Collision Analysis, 2007).Call today at (604) 322-0022 to schedule an initial consultation.The average attendances and surveys of the Warwickshire CIU to road accidents are approximately 150 investigations per year.

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These technologies are effective because by using them, accuracy, reliability and quick procedure of any investigation can be brought to the surface.Over 22% of vehicles are driven off the road prior to them crashing.

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All that happens in the collision scene was the collection of the evidence and data.Cause and Effect: Traffic (1). more accidents,. culture development economy education environment essays family farming flights flying food government health.Moreover, it is important to add that the read-out is nonstop so the angles can be measured at anytime.Labels: essays on road accidents, free essay on road safety...You should apply the brakes if there is sufficient breaking time behind you, which there should be if the driver behind you is driving correctly.Furthermore, metric and non-metric devices are the main types of cameras, but only the metric cameras can be used for purposes such as accident investigation. (Graham and Koh, 2002).

If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.Talking to each other or driving with one hand on starring causes lack of control on vehicle and ultimately causes accidents.

The distance measurement with a single prism is 2400 meters and has a visible range of over 100 meters (Nikon, 2007).Briefly, the aims of this project were successfully achieved, by explaining the involvement of the CIUs in road collisions and the importance of the surveying equipment was also evaluated.In the year of 2005 the annual deaths from road traffic accidents were 3,201 in contrast of the year of 2004 that Britain had 3,233 deaths from road collisions (Clarke et. al., 2005).According to Meyer and Grumstrup (1978), there is a technique for making distance measuring from a single vertical photograph.They surely drive rashly or too fast just to have an adventurous ride.If the Police Force arrives earlier to the accident scene than the Paramedics, the police have to wait for them to come and take care of the injured people at first.This essay works to show that even though additional safety measures may help people stay safe on the roads, it is the responsibility of drivers to ensure they remain safe.Over 36% of pre-crash conditions include vehicles turning at intersections.

Total Stations, 3D Laser Scanning Systems and Photogrammetric Systems have been deeply analyzed from the angle of surveying a road traffic accident.The other part of the total station is the EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement), that calculates the distance between the device and its target.The second disadvantage is that the user needs many hours of training to learn how to use it properly (Schmiedl, 2007).If people were more careful at intersections, then they would be safer on the roads.People who are tired are more likely to swerve from one lane to another, and they are more likely to make mistakes where they pick the wrong lane.When a traffic accident occurs, the most known procedure is being carried out.Police have to attend to the accident scene as soon as possible in order to examine it.Also, TPS 2000 sere has an automatic target tracking and a Remote Control System (RCS), (Leica, 2007).