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GRADUATE THESIS AND DISSERTATION GUIDELINES 4 I: INTRODUCTION The Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines were designed with you, the student, in mind.Gilleylen, C. E. (1994). A comparative study of the science-related attitudes and the factors associated with persisting in science of aArican American college students in science majors and African American college students in non-science majors.Timmons, F. R. (1972). Personality and demographic factors associated with freshman withdrawal from college: Dissertation Abstracts International Vol.

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Dissertation writing requires an interesting topic which should be worth exploring.Twedt, G. M. (1973). Personality and academic variables in college attrition: A discriminant function analysis: Dissertation Abstracts International.An excerpt from From Dissertation to Book by William Germano.

Russell, G. A. (1979). An investigation of academically talented students who either persist, transfer, or drop out of the University of Kansas: Dissertation Abstracts International.Chen, H.-Y. (1997). Multivariate analyses of college freshman attrition.

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Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences.Haley, S. W. (1979). A follow-up study of nonreturning students at Shelby State Community College: Dissertation Abstracts International.

Scofield, L. G. (1982). Effect of extended day cooperative education program on attitudes, persistence, and academic performance of community college students: Dissertation Abstracts International.Obamas college dissertation - professional writers working in the service will fulfil your assignment within the deadline forget about your fears, place your.Focal Point (funding for Interdisciplinary research projects).Monts, S. L. (1986). A study of freshman persistence and retention at a large midwestern university: Dissertation Abstracts International.

Save yourself the stress of a last-minute thesis submission and start planning now.Benefield, L. L. (1992). Determinants of course withdrawal and subsequent term enrollment of adult women in a community college: A cross-cultural comparison: Dissertation Abstracts International.

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Crosby, J. R. (1985). Factors in student retention among selected member institutions of the American Association of Bible colleges: Dissertation Abstracts International.This is especially the case when one speaks of the PhD dissertation that would determine.Ghoreyshi, M. (1988). The attitudes of international students toward university withdrawal: Dissertation Abstracts International.

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GradMENTOR (monthly e-bulletin for graduate faculty) Submit or Subscribe.Mercer, D. L. (1987). Undergraduate women, over 24: Sociodemographic, educational and adjustment factors in persisting or dropping out and predictions of those at risk for not graduating: Dissertation Abstracts International.Giorgio, P. A. (1983). A study of persistence of part-time students receiving corporate tuition-reimbursement as compared to part-time students who do not recieve corporate tuition-reimbursement: Dissertation Abstracts International.A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the EDUC 980 Course.Epps, C. T. (1985). Minority retention trends at selected New Jersey public and private colleges: Dissertation Abstracts International.

Landi, J. A. (1982). A study of the differences among freshmen persisters, voluntary withdrawals, and academic dismissals at the University of Denver based on enrollment data: Dissertation Abstracts International.Wiley, J. L. (1983). A study of attrition among Black freshmen at eight Mississippi public institutions of higher education: Dissertation Abstracts International.

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Brown, R. A. (1973). The effect of self-awareness classes on the attrition rate of college freshmen: Dissertation Abstracts International Vol.

Whitaker, B. R. (1993). Differentiation of self and retention in higher education of Eastern Kentucky appalachian students: Dissertation Abstracts International.Human, J. M. (1983). A comparison of the relationship of selected variables to the persistence of students entering William Jewell College in the fall of 1966 and the fall of 1976: Dissertation Abstracts International.Copeland, J. C. (1991). A profile of persisters: A study of the participants in the Texas Tech Transition program for conditionally-admitted students: Dissertation Abstracts International.Pedrini, B. M. (1975). The usefulness of ACT scores in predicting achievement and attrition among disadvantaged and regular college freshmen at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1972-73: Dissertation Abstracts International.

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Hull, T. W. (2001). The validity of the theory of hopelessness depression with nontraditional and traditional students.Allen, T. R. (1986). Orientation participation and persistence behavior of students at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale: Dissertation Abstracts International.Baumgartner, D. G. (1991). Persistence and type development: An analysis of multiple variables and psychological type at a small liberal arts college: Dissertation Abstracts International.