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The Diary of a Young Girl helped to show what Jewish people experienced in ghettos and concentration camps during the Holocaust.Adolf Hitler came into power and started the Nazi movement against the Jewish community.In extremely hard times, they provided the necessary help for the survival of the eight people hiding out in the attic of a factory. Mr. Kraler often visited the two families in hiding, and made sure that no one found out about them, while Miep Brought them food, books and other things that they requested.While poverty and unemployment were at an all time high he launched a campaign of anti-Semitism.It was a very emotional time as many Jewish people encountered from the fear of being caught, bombed, or the excitement of having butter.Anne was Jewish, she is very fun and perky, she had just turned thirteen.The reason that film-makers most likely kept it the same was to show that even though Anne could have left Hanukkah alone and stuck to singing the songs and lighting the candles, she chose not to.

The diary, for Anne, acts as her personal confidante before her family goes into hiding, and becomes even more valued to her during their ordeal.Anne Frank On June 12, 1929, at 7:30 A.M. a baby girl was born in Frankfurt, Germany.The Frank family will have their ups and downs for the next three years of their lives.

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Anne Frank was a teen writer who went into hiding during the Holocaust, journaling her experiences in the renowned work The Diary of Anne Frank.

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Frank was kept from the public eye for fear she would be caught and killed by the Germans.It opens with Otto Frank and Miep Gies standing in the annex alone in 1945. Mr. Frank had just come home from the concentration camps, being the one survivor from the annex.

What part of the event would you begin with, the struggle, the death of innocent Jews, or the cruel witnessed.In addition, the Holocaust was a tragic event on so massive a scale it is hard to emotionally comprehend.In his mind the perfect person was someone with blue eyes, blonde hair, strong, and tall.Krupps Steel who manufactured ammunition and guns took Hitler up on his offer, along with Bavarian Motor Works and Daimler-Benz (38).All these people were confined in the ghetto until they were taken to transit camps (Byers 296).

Firstly, I will give a brief timeline of the main events that took place in her lifetime.Some booksellers were afraid to put it on the display but the book got sold almost immediately (pg.All it needs to repeat itself is one person or group of people that are prejudice against another type of people and have power and influence over other people to make them follow in their ways like what Hitler did.

Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.In September 1939, when World War II began, more than one and a half million Jews lived in countries occupied, or soon to be occupied by Hitler (Lee 1).Anne Frank claims her fame by writing a diary Diary of Anne Frank that got published after she died.

Anne Frank developes a very strong attraction towards Peter Van Daan, that soon turns to love.They were killled, brutaly injured, died of sickness, and lived like cattle.The terror attack on the World Trade Center in the US on September 11, 2001, had direct repercussions for the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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I immediately woke up everyone, by screaming and shouting at him.Anne Frank kept a diary, which made her a very well known teenagers.They were taked from their homes and forced to live in concentration camps.In a concentration camp in 1945, Anne held her dying sister Margot in her arms.Most of the time, there was no water to drink or wash themselves with and hardly any medicine to treat them when they were sick (Lawton 82).When Anne was in hiding she watched her friends and neighbors being put into lines and sent to the train stations.

Anne, it turns out that she loves Peter, and she wishes that he thought of her in that way to.Eight Jews Hide from the Nazis in the Play, Secret Annex in the Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

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In that diary she expressed her hopes, fears, feelings and thoughts, she had during the Nazi persecution and World War II.The book is a short autobiography In her diary Anne tells Kitty (her pretend friend) everything that happens in her life.Personal experiences of the Holocaust provide a more human perspective on life during this time.Abandoned factories soon were remodeled to be occupied by all of the prisoners (Byers 22).Concentration camps were not built just for Jews in the beginning (Byers 21).

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With help from their housekeeper, Kathi Stilgenbauer, Edith took care of her precious, colicky baby with some breathing problems.During this time of World War II, at least six million Jewish people were killed (296).

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