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In doing so, he combats an objection to the existence of God, which is known as the problem of evil.Therefore it makes sense those who were pure in religion were considered divine beings by their pupils.

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We are perfectly capable of inventing spiritual beings and anthropomorphic gods and goddesses.Psilocybin mushroom and difficulties with the dutch-speaking country in the a10 connects the guidelines.In addition, evolution says that man is tuned for his environment not that the environment is tuned for man.In regard to my response to Sam, he is the one who introduced the comparison between belief in the resurrection, though improbable and belief in life evolving, though improbable--so I had to deal with those two items in my response.

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His theory of imaginary time does not have a stadium full of fans.Meditations on First Philosophy, 3d ed.,. Therefore, God exists.Poetic interpretation of Genesis 1 has a long and illustrious history, including pre-Christian rabbinic scholars and even arguably the church father Augustine.God has to be an eternal being because he is the greatest conceivable being.

Something strange is happening, but our two best theories fail under such conditions.It is then reasonable to speculate God spread the word to his disciples, who in turn set about proving that he did exist, based on what the Bible told them.After all, what one person may gather out of serious consideration of this problem could totally alter his or her life.People have a relentless desire to understand and touch the divine.Blind (random) and ateleological evolution is, at heart, an attempt to do away with the Creator altogether.

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Because God is the ultimate source above all other beings, then this being is also the ultimate source.Thomas Aquinas, first started by stating, is the existence of God self-evident.But does that innate belief insist that it is wrong for an innocent person to voluntarily suffer (be punished) in place of the guilty.Perhaps we make it up as individuals or as societies, according to our own tastes.

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The Big Bang is a singularity You can argue it until the cows come home, but you will not be talking science (nothing yet to measure) Also, this singularity of which you speak is nothing more then where general relativity (GR) breaks down.

The second argument says if some being exists, it can be dependent or independent on another being.

There are two choices, the first is to assume that there was a time when there was no such thing as knowledge, and thus no knowing beings.From the dawn of known history, human beings have been remarkably religious.Thomas Aquinas, the contentious assertions of Ernest Nagel, and the compelling eyewitness accounts of Julian of Norwich, I have been introduced to some of the most revered and referenced.Individual and the society essay paper marc jan neumann dissertation writing Song of solomon pilate essay writing soccer basketball compare contrast essay national.

As for probablility, due to the enormous size of the universe, its not unreasonable to suppose that on one little tiny rock like the earth, life, although extremely improbable, did evolve. e) Argument from morality--I find that there is no objective morality in the Bible.Does the Existence of Suffering Prove That God Does Not Exist.Tawa: thanks for your reply and I do enjoy the dialogue. a) We will agree to disagree on the purpose of life.Either way, morality is not a prescription for how we ought to behave, but rather a description of how we do behave.

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Nonetheless, if my initial response (or this one) comes across as condescending, then I sincerely apologize.Some believe that there is sufficient evidence such as the earth.

On two different occasions (I wish it were more, but God knows best) I have heard God speak to me.Nonetheless, to more important issues: I am pleased, in a sense, that you find meaning and happiness in life.And it is perfectly reasonable to accept someone as an eminent authority in one area but not in another.The traditional theist believes that the definition of God is some superior being who is omnibenevolent, omnipotent and omniscient.I propose that the metaphysical commitment to an atheistic worldview comes first, and then the attempt to do away with the singularity results. d) The results published in Cosmos (the Joyce-Lincoln experiments) are fairly underwhelming.

Rather, it is evidence of a transcendent Being who created the universe (time, space, and matter) so that we might live and come to know Him.However, it does raise an inconsistency - you reinterpret scripture in an odd way (yom is used uniformly to refer to 24-hour days) to fit certain observations such as cosmology in one case but reject similar observations (e.g. the impossibility of the virgin birth or resurrection) in other cases.I agree with Thomas Jefferson who was following Epicurus in saying that the pursuit of happiness is the purpose of life.There are two kinds of evils that exist, atheists and theists also believe this.This question has plagued mankind since we began to think logically.

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It permits things which we all believe today are wrong--slavery, genocide, polygamy, treatment of women as property, stoning of homosexuals and rebellious children, etc.An excellent book which I would recommend on this score is Visions of Jesus: Direct Encounters from the NT to Today by Philip Wiebe.

Atheists have often heard it said hi everyone december, the.If there is no God, there is no Christian faith worth considering.Your second point, of course is precisely correct - the observations from religious experience are an argument for bare theism (or deism), not a strong argument for Christianity itself.It has been written that in the beginning there was man and there was woman, and God put the two together to create a new race of beings.

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What the human religious spirit does demonstrate, however, is the falling short of our dominant Western worldview.

No, nothing could be proven historically in the same sense that we can prove that life exists today but that is my point.But God, as the transcendent personal cause of the universe, exists independently of time, and as such has no beginning.Here he states that God because he is self-evident, he ahs his own existence.I am more open to the possibility of its being true today than I would have been five years ago.When most people think of miracles they think of a marvelous and amazing event attributed to divine agency.Your comments brought up a considerable number of very interesting and thought-provoking issues, and I appreciate the opportunity to interact about them.